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We’re talking about female blood. It’s about revolting against stereotypes, shame and stigma on the subject of menstruation. It’s about getting involved. Don’t be a Pussy! Be a Pussy!


Empower yourself with these templates and put a new stamp on menstruation. The description of each template shows you what kind of skill level you need and how much BAM Power you can expect from it. Feel free to print and use them to spread the message. Fire away!

The templates are for personal use only.
Please do not host these files on your websites or
blogs and do not link directly to our PDF files. Thanks!


Here are the things you need besides the templates to set you up as an menstrual activist.


Take a look at the tutorial. It’s not very difficult to build these stamps. Be a little patient with yourself and keep the bigger picture in mind! Have fun!


Please feel free to send me photos of your stamps. I am looking forward to showing them here.

About the project

Are you still hiding and concealing your period? Don’t be quiet and ashamed. A Menstruator is any person who pursues new ideas or intuitive processes relating to menstruation.

The Menstruator transcends gender and lunar cycles. Become a Menstruator is about putting a new face on the matter of menses. BAM seeks to engage your emotions and incite you to equip yourself with your own stamps to spread the message. Watch the video, see what supplies you need and get active. Print the templates, cut the foam, glue them on cardboard, stamp them everywhere, spread the word! BAM asks us to reexamine our stance on something that is still largely perceived with negative connotations. BAM seeks to encourage the formulation of a new, positive outlook about menstruation. Time has come to take action! Get involved! Create your own culture of menstruation! Invent new rituals! Put your own mark on menstruation. Become a menstrual activist! Fire away! Become a Menstruator!

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Petra Mattheis
I menstruated quietly for decades and it wasn't until recently that I asked myself, why on earth am I hiding this perfectly natural thing. So I rid myself of fear and shame and began to analyze euphemisms and undermine stereotypes. This website is about putting a new face on the matter of menses. It aims to empower you to be autonomous. In the full sense of DIY Feminism I want you to be a menstrual activist. Fire away!
Petra Mattheis Petra Mattheis studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Mainz and at the School of Visual Arts in Leipzig where she received her masters degree (Meisterschüler).

Please feel free to write me your thoughts about the project!

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